Friday, June 25, 2010

Don't Blow that Horn!

If you've been following any of the World Cup, you are probably familiar with the vuvuzela horn that has become all the rage in South Africa. Their popularity has spread to all corners of the globe too. In Weiden, Germany, however, not everyone is pleased. A 45-year old American man threatened his neighbor's life - with an ax - after his neighbor had been perpetually blowing the vuvuzela during a match the American man was trying to watch. Consider that a welcome to the neighborhood.

Read more here: American threatens vuvuzela blowers with ax

Don't Sleep and Float

Imagine relaxing in the sun, floating on a raft out in the water, soaking up some rays. It's peaceful, and you drift off to sleep. You finally wake up, and see nothing around you but....more water. This is what happened just outside Tampa this week, but the only difference was, the man was really drunk. He was spotted by the Coast Guard about a mile off shore, who admitted that the man was lucky to be alive. At least he had a life jacket on!

Read more about this lucky guy: Man drifts a mile off Florida on pool float

Friday, June 18, 2010

Fight over the remote...taken too far

Everyone has fought over the remote controle with their family, roommates, and friends, but I can guarantee it's never gone this far. A 61-year old South African man wanted to watch a World Cup soccer game instead of a religious program that his family was watching. After changing the channel against their wishes, his wife, 36-year old son, and 23-year old daughter began assaulting him, eventually killing him by bashing his head against the wall. Read more about this crazy story here: South African killed by wife, kids in TV spat

Would you call your new puppy Lord Chubby Pruneface?

A few of my friends were looking into getting a new puppy, and were trying to figure out the perfect name. They went through a couple of the classics, before settling on Sergeant Barky, for a boy, and Miss Lady, for a girl. Too bad they hadn't seen this article. They could have been debating between Pickle von Corndog and Ninjastar Dangerrock.

Check out the link at Year's wackiest pet names

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Why would someone put their livelihood at risk, and in this case even more risk than it is already in, for 15 minutes of fame? Donna Simpson of New Jersey weighs 600 pounds, but is aiming to become the world's heaviest living woman. She apparently has a point to prove, that being bigger doesn't make you any less sexy? But broadcasting yourself eating greasy foods online? That crosses the line. The kicker? She has two kids. Social services need to get involved soon.

Check out more at this link: Woman want's to be world's fattest

Lost at Sea?

I'm all for breaking records, but this attempt seems ill-advised. 16-year old Abby Sunderland set sail from Marina del Rey in Southern California, and had made it into the southern Indian Ocean before losing contact with her crew and family. She was caught in the middle of a heavy storm when emergency beacons and signals went unresponded to. She was attempting to best her older brother Zac's record for circumnavigating the globe; Zac accomplished the goal at age 17. I can't even begin to imagine what her parents were going through. I'm sure they were more willing to allow Abby to go after Zac completed the journey, but can you imagine the pit in their stomach about now?

For more info, check out this link: Round-the-world teen sailor feared lost at sea

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


I'm relatively new to the on-air thing at Magic 105, but I'm loving every minute of it so far! I'm on the air from 6am to 10am every Sunday morning, so tune in for the best variety!