Tuesday, September 13, 2011

This guy is just an idiot.

File this under "Could you really be that stupid?"

Sleeping on the job has proven to be a costly mistake for one would-be burglar in Kansas. KSN.com is reporting that a man was arrested after he decided to take a nap in the home he had broken into. Wichita police say the couple that owns the house came home on Saturday afternoon to discover a 35-year-old man putting on their clothes. The suspect reportedly hid in their closet, but was eventually located and arrested. Police say the man had broken into the home earlier in the day, and proceeded to take a shower and then fall asleep. Authorities believe had the man not decided to take a nap, he would have been able to make off with the couple's belongings. He is now charged with aggravated burglary and theft.

"If only I wouldn't have taken a nap. Where did I go wrong?

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