Monday, November 21, 2011

Video Game Offense

If you're familiar with Grinnell College at all, their offense is based on a run-and-gun style where they try to put up a shot as soon as possible in their offense, preferably a three-pointer, in order to try to simply outscore the other team. The goal on defense is simply try to prevent three-pointers, and the hope is that at the end of the game, the amount of three-pointers Grinnell makes will result in more points than the two-pointers they give up. Well yesterday, Grinnell junior guard Griffin Lentsch connected on 15 3-pointers and also made 20 free throws in scoring an NCAA Division III record 89 points in a 145-97. The opponent, Principia College, made just 4-of-13 3-pointers as Grinnell coasted to a season opening win. The thing that bothered me was that he had 0 assists and 0 personal fouls. That means no defense and no passing. Sounds like a video game.

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