Monday, September 19, 2016

Pepper Pain

Yesterday afternoon, I decided to get domestic and make some homemade salsa. I had done it before with various types of peppers - jalapeno, serrano, poblano - but nothing too crazy. I decided to buy two habaneros yesterday to add a little extra kick to the salsa because, you know, YOLO, as the kids say.

Bad idea.

I didn't even get the pepper into the salsa before trouble reared its ugly head. I had the windows open in the kitchen and my allergies had been kicking in a little bit, so while dicing the pepper, I had to wipe my nose.


The pain slowly crept into my nose, and then flooded its way into my sinus cavity. The numbness began to overtake my face - it was a weird feeling to describe - but after a while, I was able to look up a method to alleviate the pain.

Google suggested I use corn starch. I obviously didn't have any, so I just covered my face in flour. Seemed like the logical thing to do. I looked like an idiot, but it kind of worked? Or maybe, it had a placebo effect, and I thought it was working, and calmed down.

My face was numb/tingling for about an hour. I wouldn't recommend it. Kids, don't mess with peppers.

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