Friday, October 12, 2012

Be Proactive

It's no secret that we're reliant on technology. But it's not just that we're reliant, we're expectant that the technology will be lightning quick. I'm just as guilty as everyone else at cursing at my computer for being slow or my phone for lagging, but over the past week or so I've taken a proactive approach to help rid myself of these minor inconveniences. We should be fortunate that we have these technologies in our life. What I've done to help ensure that I can take full advantage of these luxuries is a few basic clean-ups that anyone can do. I uninstalled a half-dozen or so applications on my phone that I never use to help that run faster, and I've begun unsubscribing to junk mail that I get in my inbox rather than just immediately discarding it. I've noticed that these things take only about 30 seconds or go, and on a given day, I bet we spend more time complaining about these minor inconveniences than it would actually take to help rectify the situation.

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