Thursday, February 23, 2012

How good are the Badgers?

The Badgers take on Iowa tonight, a team they lost to by 7 at home earlier in the season. Wisconsin has climbed back to #15 in the rankings, and I fully expect them to head into Iowa City tonight and take down the Hawkeyes. But the Badgers are tough to figure out. It seems like they could beat anyone in the country with their style of play, but any team could hit a couple of shots early and run away from the Badgers. It does seem that they are impervious to momentum, as their style of play negates that in both directions. I think they will beat Iowa tonight (which you can listen to on our sister station Eagle 102.7) and their game at Ohio State this weekend could be really telling in whether or not the Badgers will be able to make any noise in March.

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