Monday, July 21, 2014

Rory's British Open Win

I had some trouble sleeping in this weekend, but that turned out to be OK because I was able to get up and watch the British Open (GOLF ON TV IS COOL, DAMMIT.)

I found myself growing increasingly jealous of Rory McIlroy as the weekend went on because, well, he's 11 months younger than me and he's already won three legs of golf's Grand Slam.

In other news, I broke 50 on 9 holes for the second time of my life last week. So TAKE THAT, RORS.

But I saw a few cool storylines that came out of Rory's British Open win.

First, his dad and buddies won $180,000 off a bed they made with the online gambling site Ladbrokes after his dad made a 200 pound ($341) bet that Rory would win the British Open within 10 years of 2004, with it paying out 500-to-1 odds.

His buddies bet 200 pounds at 250/1 for him to win The Open by 2015 and 200 pounds at 150/1 for McIlroy to win The Open before age 50. Those bets will pay out a combined $136,700.

Sergio Garcia and Rickie Fowler made it interesting on Sunday, but Rory cashed in for himself and his family. Pretty cool.

So Rory now gets his first taste of the Claret Jug and apparently, that taste is Jagermeister. 

0725_Brian Keogh_party_with_trophy

The photo, courtesy of TMZ, is of Rory's friend on the left, and his MOM, pouring Jager into the British Open trophy. 

He is only 25, after all, so I guess he's allowed to do that. 

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