Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Shock and Ow

This strikes me as one of the most American things ever.

We're going to do our best to work out and be fit and if WE DON'T REACH THAT GOAL, well then we're going to electrocute ourselves until we do.

Ok, so maybe electrocute is a bit of a strong word, but this latest tech gadget is a bit much..

From Blood Sweat and Cheer:

Soon you'll be able to shock yourself on-the-go, from anywhere, with the Pavlok activity tracker.

Tell Pavlok your fitness goals, and if you fail to reach them, the wristband will set you straight—with a small electrical shock!

Yikes?! Cool?! WTF?! Yeah, we feel the same way.

When used with its app, Pavlok can turn your bad habits into healthy ones.

Just tell the app what you want to do, whether it's waking up early or getting to the gym by a certain time. Snooze your alarm or skip the workout, and you'll feel a shock on your wrist.

Pavlok...Pavlov plus shock, perhaps?

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