Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Robin Williams

As tragic as the apparent suicide of Robin Williams was, I was pleasantly surprised by the outpouring of support that I saw in social media from people of all age ranges. He starred in such a wide array of movies (and TV shows) that had profound impacts on people's lives.

From Aladdin to Good Will Hunting, with Dead Poets Society and Mrs. Doubtfire mixed in as well, there aren't many people that weren't profoundly impacted by his movies.

For me, that movie was Hook. It was a movie that I would watch as a kid, and my brothers and cousins and I would make a "pirate ship" - a.k.a. a fort in our basements - and re-enact the sword fighting scenes. (I also had a crush on Tinkerbell, but who didn't.)

Still, to this day, I'll easily devote an hour to watching Hook on cable whenever it comes on, because of the command that Robin Williams could bring to any size screen. The combination of his comic genius, versatility, and ability to be universally beloved have been tough to match and may never be again anytime soon. Rest in peace.

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