Monday, October 13, 2014


I help out in the sports department at the Tribune and the thing that was the biggest talking point from the weekend wasn't Logan's demolition of Central to retain this year's Ark of Victory (well done, Rangers), but rather it was the 17-year old that decided to have a little fun by streaking at the game. The reason I mention that I work at the Trib is to say that in monitoring social media, it was immediately flooded by the #FreeEthan hashtag. The majority of high schooler voiced their support for the young man, while a select few decided to take the high and mighty approach in saying that he was a disgrace, or whatever.

I'm of the opinion that the streaker needs some punishment, but only really a slap on the wrists. By all accounts, he's a pretty good kid that got caught up in trying to do something funny. And to most, he succeeded.

It's understandable if the city wants to slap a disorderly conduct and lewd behavior fine on him, but it shouldn't go much more than that. Give him some community service to do as well, if you well. But the "crime", if you want to call it that, was momentarily and had very little lasting effect. In a way, the punishment should be as well. Nothing on the permanent record, no sex offender registry, none of that. It was a kid doing things that, every once in a while, kids are bound to do.

And, because, for the most part...

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