Monday, November 17, 2014

Golden age of football in Wisconsin

They may not result in national championships or Super Bowls, but there is some incredible football being played in Wisconsin, and it starts with ridiculous individual performances.

We've become accustomed to games like Aaron Rodgers (and Jordy Nelson, and Randall Cobb) had Sunday vs the Philadelphia Eagles. 341 yards...3 interceptions...yawn.

And I sound dismissive of that in the most appreciative way ever. Aaron Rodgers is a golden god that needs to be worshipped at football altars all around Wisconsin.

But Aaron Rodgers plays on Sundays. On Saturday, Melvin Gordon III stole the show.

Against Nebraska this past weekend, Melvin had a better day than any college football running back has ever had. Ever. And they've been playing college football for a long time.

25 carries for 408 yards. That's stupid. 16.3 yards per carry. That's just absurd.

If the season ended today, Gordon would have the 36th best season ever with 1,909 yards. But the Badgers still have two games left. It's crazy to think that he'd be able to duplicate his 400-yard day against either Iowa or Minnesota, but he could average 200 yards per game against those two. Hell, he's averaging 190 yards per game, so why not? Another 400 yards total could vault him into elite all-time territory, like top 5 single season, all time.

If he wasn't stuck behind the likes of James White and Montee Ball, who, by the way, are both in the NFL, he'd be mentioned among the all-time greats.

He's firmly in the thick of the Heisman race too. He's a distant second at 2-1 odds, with Oregon QB Marcus Mariota at 1-4 odds, but he's in the conversation.

It's crazy that every weekend, Wisconsinites get to see such talent on both Saturday and Sunday. Treasure it while you can.

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