Monday, November 10, 2014

Making history

It's always cool to be a part of something historic. And luckily for me last night, it was the good kind of history the Packers were making.

The first, and relatively minor, note was the record crowd at Lambeau Field last night. I was just one of the 78,292 fans at the Packers game last night, which set a record, largely because they sold standing-room only tickets to the game. The crowd was awesome at the game. Especially on plays like this.

The second was Aaron Rodgers. That dude is pretty good. Six touchdowns in one half? Jeeze. Selfishly, I wish he would have been able to get seven or eight TDs, you know, just to rub it in, but still. It was remarkable. Laughable at times. I wanted him to get the touchdowns so I could say I WAS AT THE GAME WHEN RODGERS SET THE RECORD, but I'll settle for a 55-14 ass whoopin'.

Go. Pack. Go.

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