Monday, November 24, 2014

Tailgate Oddity

I've been to plenty of tailgates. You might go as far as to call me a connoisseur. But I saw something yesterday in Minneapolis that I had never seen before, and in all honesty, hope I never see again.

Let's set the scene: there was a crew of boisterous Vikings fan that had quite the set-up. Multiple grills, a TV, booming stereo, hammerschlagen, trophy bucks on a plaque, and...a kiddie pool filled with live fish. Strange, but whatever. It was impressive. of the guys grabbed a live fish, took a hammer and nail, played to the crowd a bit, and then proceeded to skewer this live fish right into the tree stump. There just so happened to be a portrait of Aaron Rodgers in between the fish and the tree, so that might be the message he was trying to send, but I really felt bad for the fish.

I'm not much of an outdoorsman, but I know that before you filet a fish, you bash it over the head. Boom, done. But this guy proceeded to drive a nail right through its midsection. I wasn't gonna call PETA, but come on dude, you're better than that. And no one thinks you're a big tough guy.

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