Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Want to see a normal ball drop? Head to NYC. Want to see something a bit more unique? Here's a look at some wild ball drop traditions from around the country.

Across the country, crowds will gather to watch everything from whopping watermelons to massive Moon Pies fall at the stroke of midnight.  The Moon Pie drop is a Mobile, Alabama tradition that started in 2008.  Knox County is Indiana's biggest melon producer, hence the 500 pound melon crafted of steel and foam.  Bethlehem, Pennsylvania will lower a giant Marshmallow Peep.   Key West, Florida lowers a real-life drag queen named Gary "Sushi" Marion, who's sitting inside a giant high-heeled shoe. 

In Eastport, Maine residents celebrate twice.  At 11 p.m. they lower a giant maple leaf to salute their Canadian neighbors.  When midnight rolls around, the townsfolk celebrate by dropping a giant sardine.    

Other Notable Drops: 

Flagstaff, Arizona drops a giant pinecone 

Hershey, Pennsylvania drops a giant Hershey's Kiss 

Plymouth, Wisconsin drops a big chunk of cheese 

Mount Olive, North Carolina drops an illuminated pickle 


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