Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Get Hard

For some reason, I decided to go see Get Hard at Marcus Cinemas last night and it was...ok. In saying that, I mean that it's terrible, but it's funny, if that makes sense. Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart are some of the funniest people in the world, and they are professional actors, so by that logic, comedy ensues.

As far as bad plots and offensiveness to blacks and gays and really almost anyone else, to go with just a general awfulness...well, this movie ain't winning any Academy Awards.

But...so what? It had it's laughs, and it made for an entertaining two hours. Not every movie that comes out has to be the crowning jewel of society. Sure this may have played to the least common denominator, so to speak, but so what?

Here's a great take from the Los Angeles Times:

The movie has taken a fair share of heat for some of its jokes. In a widely quoted Coming Soon.net review, one critic wrote that with this movie we “finally get a comedy that homophobes, racists and generally stupid people can all enjoy together!” There's an argument to be made that a smarter class commentary lurks within, perhaps beaten down by the relentless process of studio testing and editing.

For all the genre's breadth, though, none of these movies are  trying to take on social topics. How members of different races see each other is something only a select few R-rated comedies have really attempted (e.g. the “Harold and Kumar” series). And the idea of examining class and wealth distribution in an R-rated comedy -- what with all the bathroom and bedroom humor to be mined -- is even rarer.  R-rated comedies, God bless 'em, aren't here to make you think about the real world. They're here to make you forget about it.

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