Friday, March 27, 2015

Split Allegiances

Last night was thrilling, as a basketball fan. I was emotionally invested in three of the four games airing last night, as I am a joint Wisconsin Badgers/Notre Dame Fighting Irish fan, and I may or may not have had something riding on the Arizona-Xavier game. (Legally speaking, of course.)

It made for an interesting evening. I love this Wisconsin Badgers team, and have watched probably 99%  of their action this season. I’m all in. It’s easy to be a fan of this team, and given the fact that so many people from around the state and around the community are Badgers fans as well, it’s fun to root for them.

I’m also a Notre Dame fan, stemming from my childhood. My dad is a Domer, so I was raised cheering for ol’ Notre Dame. I think they are extremely well coached and likable as well, and the fact that they took down the likes of Duke and UNC in the ACC Tournament doesn’t hurt. I’ve never really seen a direct conflict of interest in my household, because the two teams rarely if ever play each other. They’re one game away now, but with Arizona and Kentucky in the way, I’m not sure they are destined to meet-up, and cause an rift in the Callaway household.

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