Friday, August 16, 2013


So let's start this off by saying that Ryan Braun is still suuuuuuuuuper guilty. HGH, 'roids, testosterone, whatever. He's guilty and serving his time. But A-Rod? Not cool bro. Turning in a bunch of other players to try to save your own hide? It doesn't exactly work like that. Members of your own camp leaking names...this isn't looking good on you, Mr. Rodriguez.

Here's a great quote from CBS Sports' Danny Knobler:

"His problem now is that he does look different, and in the worst possible way. He looks like someone so heavily involved that he obtained documents himself, and so self-consumed that he had no problem implicating others.

It sounded crazy then. It sounds worse now.

Yeah, Alex Rodriguez cares about those other players. He cares about them so much that he was willing to make sure everyone knew they were cheating, too."

Again, Braun is guilty. Not changing that fact. And his transgressions would have eventually come to light. But throwing these fellow players under the bus? Not cool, bro.

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