Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Loggers vs. La Crosse

It was certainly an ominous lead paragraph in this morning's paper, in the article detailing the ongoing discussions between the Loggers and the City of La Crosse.

Here's what the open to the Tribune article says:

A dispute over liability for using Copeland Park Field could jeopardize the future of the La Crosse Loggers in the city, team officials said Tuesday. The impasse came after the La Crosse Committee of the Whole backed the city’s version of a proposed 10-year agreement that would hold the Loggers organization almost completely responsible if someone is injured during a team event at the ballpark.

I've never been to one of the Committee of the Whole meetings, never sat in on one of the discussions and have no influence as to what might happen. And my view may be a bit skewed given the fact that I'm employed by the Loggers as a PA announcer. But it really feels like there is a compromise to be made. I understand the sticking point - liability, and I tend to agree with the Loggers' standpoint: leave the liability up to the courts.

In some ways, it's encouraging to see that there is a disagreement. It means that people are standing up for what they believe in. But this area certainly believes in the power of the Loggers, as evidenced by nearly 3,000 fans every night. Again, I don't have any inside information and I haven't been to any of the pertinent meetings, but I don't see how a compromise doesn't happen. The city would be foolish to let the Loggers walk, and the team has established a tradition in the area that I can't see them leaving behind.

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