Monday, June 9, 2014


Sometimes when bad news hits, I try to imagine what I would do if I was placed in a similar situation.

Hearing about Jon Meis, who used pepper spray to take down a shooter at Seattle Pacific last week, was awesome. The circumstance was terrible, but the fact that he acted so quickly, was nothing short of heroic.

I worked at the front desk of my dorm in college, and I would have never had the balls to do what Meis did. You talk about a "fight or flight" mentality? I think I'd be fleeing, whereas he leaped over the desk, and caught the shooter with pepper spray while he was reloading.

The guy was 22, and probably making minimum wage doing menial tasks at the front desk of his dorm. And the instinct is to intervene and stop a mad man with a shotgun?

It's fascinating to see the circumstances that allow heroes in our world to emerge. These were unfortunate events, in which one person died and others were injured, but Meis quick actions undoubtedly saved many others from being hurt.

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