Monday, January 26, 2015


I had to attend a funeral on Saturday, and it was quite pleasant. The deceased was 97, so there wasn't an overwhelming "sadness" but rather just a celebration of life.

All was fine and dandy until the toast at the post-funeral luncheon.

The deceased's youngest son was addressing those that had gathered with a sincere thank you, but his speech was interrupted by an elderly gentleman choking on his food. Luckily, there were doctors and nurses in attendance who rushed to his aide. The Heimlich was unsuccessful, and CPR didn't work, so the paramedics were called in.

The guy is ok (Thank heavens. One dead guy is enough.) but it made for one of the more awkward situations I'd ever encountered. What do you do while this is going on in one corner of the room? Can you continue your conversations you were having? Can you eat the hot food on your plate? Can you walk past the whole scene to get a drink from the bar?

I opted to put my head down and whisper quietly to my parents. I literally had no idea what to do. The food was good though.

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