Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Big Game Burger

I'm about 87% sure I could take this whole damn thing down by myself. Get a few beers in me and that percentage raises to an even 90.

Via CBSSports

The people of Wisconsin don't mess around when it comes to food and football. And neither do the food providers. The Packers food provider Delaware North and the chefs at Lambeau are offering a 3.5-pound "Big Game Burger" to fans for the Cowboys-Packers playoff game this weekend.

This mammoth monster of a meal includes 1/2 pound of ground venison, 1/2 pound of ground bacon, 1/2 pound of certified angus beef ... and that's just the patty.

It's served on a "Big Mother" pretzel bun and topped with crispy fried onions, jalapeño smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato (6 slices!), pickles, secret sauce and a heaping helping of housemade jalapeño cheese (jalapeños, multiple cheddars and BBQ sauce).

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