Thursday, January 29, 2015

Boob Bets

Even if you don't care about the football on Sunday, you probably care about boobs, right?

According to TMZ Sports, you can wager on whether or not halftime act Katy Perry will be letting the girls come out to play.

The cyber-gambling site is offering up a bet -- where you can place money on whether you think Katy will show cleavage or no cleavage during her Super Bowl halftime show. 

Right now ... the odds are STRONGLY for boobage: 

"Yes" is -500
"No" is +350

Translation -- if you bet "no," $100 gets you $350. If you bet "yes," you need to wager $500 to earn a measly $100. 

So, Vegas thinks there's a pretty good chance that Katy Perry will be showing off the goods to the hundreds of millions people watching worldwide.

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