Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow Snuggle

I'm happy we don't have a blizzard here. Not that I'm completely anti-snow, but I don't trust 99% of the drivers on the road. I'm not totally opposed to the idea of having a few days off work, however.

Some New Yorkers are taking this weather opportunity to get to know a few of their snowed-in neighbors a bit better...via Craigslist.

Via Syracuse.com:

Taking to the "personals" section of the classifieds website, NYC natives are desperately seeking companions for the forthcoming snow storm, Business Insider reports. Users are looking for snuggle buddies or just "someone to chill with."

CNN cites one of the less sexually explicit ads posted by a 26-year-old male in Ridgewood, New Jersey:

"Seeking snuggle buddy for upcoming blizzard. Will make u pancakes and coffee and hot chocolate all day. You'll also get my Netflix password. I have lots of thick blankets and interesting books to read if we get snowed in."

I don't see this working as well as many people envisioned. Especially, since people's intentions may not be...pure.

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