Tuesday, August 14, 2012


This La Crosse Loggers team is really something special. I've been able to watch the team probably about 10 times this season, and have followed them closely the rest of the time. The line-up that Andy McKay can run out there any given night is just remarkable. Up and down the line-up, different guys can produce any give night. And if you look where GM Chris Goodell is getting this players from, it's not surprising. College baseball powerhouses like UCLA, Cal State Fullerton, Memphis, Arkansas, San Diego State and Princeton are all sending players to La Crosse, Wisconsin, and those guys just won their 50th game of the summer last night. In my opinion, the team has two sure fire future MLB players in Richard Prigatano and Matt Champman, with a handful of other players having the chance to work their way in. I watched online as this resilient group collected hit after hit in the 9th inning last night to come back, take the lead, and put the game away all within the same half inning. Here's hoping the Loggers can take the South Division championship tonight and head to the NWL championship series at the end of this week.

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