Monday, August 13, 2012

Enemy Colors

Embedded image permalinkSaturday night, I attended a Minnesota Twins game at Target Field. They played the Tampa Bay Rays, and as a fan on neither team, I was conflicted with what to wear. My friends were not keen on the idea of me wearing Milwaukee Brewers gear, so we settled on a compromise of wearing a Packers t-shirt. That was possibly the best idea ever. I got into at least a dozen different conversations throughout the night, with fellow Packers fans wanting to know if I was from Wisconsin, to a intoxicated bride-to-be who couldn't believe that I would wear that shirt into "her" bar. Football season isn't quite fully underway yet, so there wasn't the total amount of hostility that there could have been, but I very much enjoyed my decision to wear the Green Bay shirt. It was absolutely a conversation starter, and got me into a few arguments, but boy, was it entertaining. (And side note on the picture, the only reason I'm wearing a Minnesota Twins helmet is because earlier in the night, it was full of nachos.)

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