Monday, August 27, 2012

Restaurant Conundrum

So last night I was eating dinner with some of my friends. We'll call them Phil and Stacy, because I like making up names for people. They probably won't be mentioned for the rest of the story, but I just want you to know that I don't eat alone. Moving forward, I wasn't too hungry, so I simply ordered a root beer float for dinner. It was delicious. It was 1919 Root Beer, which is pretty spectacular. I guzzled down the root beer before I could eat all the ice cream, and I was presented with a dilemma. Do I ask the waitress to top off my glass with root beer, at the risk of incurring an extra expense? Do I simple eat the rest of the ice cream and keep my mouth shut? Or do I order a second root beer float?

Is a refill of rootbeer included with the purchase of a root beer float? It's more expensive than a regular root beer drink, so I'd argue it should be. Yes, I know the cost of ice cream is factored in, but still. I ended up just eating the rest of the ice cream and not causing a scene. But it's been bugging me, not knowing whether or not I missed out on some potentially free root beer. I don't know the protocol, and whether it varies by restaurant, or even if there is a protocol. It's pretty weird to think, so I'm gonna say no.

Unrelated: I could totally go for another root beer float.

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