Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The most daring of dare devils

Conceptually, sky diving is simple.

Jump out of airplane; pull ripcord; let parachute do the rest.

Felix Baumgartner wants to make it a little more complicated.

He wants to sky dive from 23 miles in the air!

The story is fascinating, especially the part that says that Baumgartner will hit "supersonic speeds of nearly 700 mph on his way down and, if his eyeballs don't pop and his blood doesn't boil" then he'll likely survive.

The picture to the left is 13 miles in the air. Imagine jumping from 10 miles higher than that.

Apparently the first 40 seconds are the hardest, as he can become disoriented doing two revolutions per second.

Ya think?

Just crazy. Click on the link and read the story. Hope this guy survives.

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