Monday, January 6, 2014

My Sunday

Yeah, the Packers lost, but I had a fantastic Sunday. I got to sleep in, under a plethora of covers, and lay in bed as long as I wanted to. I got all of my cold-weather prep work in on Sunday, having gotten supplies from Walmart and Festival, as well as put a full-tank of gas in my Jeep. I was ready to go, and by ready to go, I mean ready to stay inside the entire day.

By the time I got around to turning on the TV, the first NFL game was already on, and it was a moderately entertaining one between the Chargers and the Bengals. I didn't really care who won, but it was nice to be wrapped in a blanket, not worried about freezing my tail off at a tailgate at Lambeau. Call me a fairweather fan if you want, but yesterday was significantly less stressful (and probably similarly enjoyable) day for me. I haven't regretted not pulling the trigger on tickets at all. If I lived in Appleton or Oshkosh, yeah maybe, but a 4-hour ride home after a gutcheck loss like that? No thanks.

Since I was at home, I got to do some cooking, so I made some fantastic (at least in my opinion) Asian chili wings in the crock pot. And by the way, crock pot liners are the greatest invention ever. Or at least up there. As I was devouring them, I was thinking to myself how difficult they'd be to eat at Lambeau. So there's that.

I fully endorse this product with absolutely no compensation on my end.

After the Packers' loss, I was very thankful that there was something to immediately take my mind off football. I love this Wisconsin Badgers basketball team this season, and they played a very entertaining game against Iowa almost immediately after football ended. They played poorly in the first half, but came back and looked like one of those teams that just knows how to win. So that was nice to have.

After that, I flipped over to the DVR and caught up on some shows, then passed out early. I didn't leave the house, even for a second, and in no way was that depressing.

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