Thursday, January 2, 2014

Packers tickets

There are two things I can guarantee about this whole Packers ticket availability situation I've been hearing so much about.

1) There is NO FREAKING WAY that the game is actually going to be blacked out.

2) If it were, it wouldn't affect La Crosse. Only the "team markets" in Green Bay, Milwaukee and Wausau.

There are still thousands of tickets available to Sundays game, and I have a few theories why.

1) They still ain't cheap. The cheapest ones that I see on StubHub are $123 each.

2) It's supposed to be freaking cold. Negative 5 as a high? Wind chills approaching NEGATIVE FIFTY? Mother nature isn't messing around.

3) A 3:40 start on Sunday? That makes for a long day, and a late night of driving. (So hop on our bus!)

4) The Packers are 8-7-1, and the 49ers have won six straight and are 12-4. San Fran has also been the Packers' nemesis as of late.

Any one of those reasons may be enough to keep fair-weathered fans away. The combination of all four? Well, you get the scenario the Packers face this weekend.

But like I said, there is no way the Packers or their corporate sponsors let the blackout rules take effect. One way or another, enough tickets will be purchased to ensure that the games will go on.

I'll be watching from the warmth of my residence on Sunday. As a die-hard, should I feel guilty? I don't. It would easily be a $250 investment, on top of the hundreds I've shelled out for the 3 Packers games I've already been to this season. I bleed green and gold just as much as the next guy, but I also have a few other things to consider, like my health and finances. No thanks.

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