Monday, May 12, 2014

CC Sabathia

I was at the Brewers-Yankees game on Saturday to see old friend CC Sabathia take the mound for New York. I was really proud to be a Milwaukee fan that day, because the multiple standing ovations that the crowd gave Sabathia made me feel that they get it. By "it" I mean what it means to be a fan, understanding his impact on the franchise and how it helped further develop where the Brewers have come to of recent. He was only a member of the franchise for a short time, but his performances over that three month span won't be forgotten anytime soon by Milwaukee. He got a loud standing ovation when he came to bat the first time, and then received a healthy applause when he was pulled from the game. He didn't acknowledge the crowd - which isn't surprising, given a) he was the visitor and b) his team was losing - but it was still cool to see. I'll always have a special place in my fanhood heart for CC and have never begrudged him for moving on to a big payday. He's always going to have a small but significant place in Brewers history, and it was cool to see a sellout crowd acknowledge that almost six years later.

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