Thursday, May 22, 2014

Not exactly "rail" whiskey

This certainly might be of interest to you if you are a whiskey aficionado...

From Scotland Now:

A bottle of 50 year old Glenfiddich and a bottle of The Macallan Millennium Decanter 50 year old are the star lots in Bonhams next Whisky sale which will take place in Edinburgh on Wednesday 18 June.

The Glenfiddich was bottled in 1991 and is numbered ‘5’.

It comes in a wooden presentation case accompanied by a certificate and is estimated at £12,000-14,000.

The bottle of The Macallan Millennium was distilled in 1949 and bottled in 1999. It comes in a Caithness glass decanter accompanied by a stopper and in its own fitted oak presentation case. It too is estimated at £12,000-14,000.

The Macallan Millenium

In case you were wondering, that's about $23k to $24k.

Holy crap.

I bought my best friend a $100 bottle of whiskey as a congratulations for graduating dental school. Now I feel like a cheapskate. 

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