Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Dream Team vs. 2012 Olympic Team

One of the questions that's been debating in the sports universe recently is who would win a game between the 1992 Dream Team and this year's Olympic squad. My initial reaction is to side with the 2012 rendition of the team, based on just the advancements that have allowed these people to become freaks of nature athletically. But in basketball, that doesn't necessarily translate into wins. Let me break down the starting 5 of each team to show why the 1992 Dream Team would win.
Point Guard: Magic Johnson vs. Chris Paul
Johnson was not only an extremely deft passer and ball handler, he was also 6-foot-9 and was a mismatch for anyone in the post. Paul might have an edge with outside shooting, but Magic's dominance in other areas give the edge to the '92 squad.

Shooting Guard: Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant
Perhaps the two most competitive players in the history of the world, this would be a dream match-up. There's a lot of MJ in Kobe's game, especially as he's gotten older, but the 1992 version is a better player than a 35-year old Kobe.

Small Forward: Larry Bird vs. LeBron James
While Bird is one of my favorite players of all time, LeBron gets the edge here. Bird was slowing down in 1992, and LeBron is simply too fast, too strong and too good. Advantage, 2012.

Power Forward: Karl Malone vs. Kevin Durant
Both are prolific scorers, but in quite different manners. Malone is a beast in the post, while Durant uses his length to shoot over anyone. Tough call here, but I think I go with Durant, who is at the top of his game.

Center: Patrick Ewing vs. Tyson Chandler
Ewing has the definite offensive advantage, and defensively I call it a wash. Ewing and Malone combine to have a much more imposing front line than the 2012 squad, giving the advantage to the Dream Team here.

What the argument comes down to is that the Dream Team is a little bigger in the post, and they have Michael Jordan, which helps.

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