Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fair or foul?

Saw this on reddit, and I feel compelled to share. Is this ok to do? If you're just saying "Free Beer" you're not lying.

"My bar is one of the busiest in town, and we are well known throughout our area. And the owners want to make as much money as they can during our Wednesday night special ($3 pitchers and Free Hot Wings). So around midnight or sometimes even earlier they have me switch over the kegs from BudLight and CoorsLight to Keystone Light. Since it is a lot cheaper for a keg of Keystone than it is the other two. I can understand from a business standpoint the reasoning for doing this, maximize profits yotta yotta yotta. But when I was first hired and told to do this I just felt very shady and thought that we were ripping people off. Even though we do this, no one has EVER noticed (I guess not enough beer connoisseurs where I'm working at). Everyone is too busy being drunk and having a good time, yes we give the people a very good environment to get hammered in and pick up chicks, but that doesn't mean we should be selling them alcohol other than what they think they are purchasing."

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