Monday, January 21, 2013

AFC-NFC Title game thoughts

NFC: As impressive as the Falcons were to start the game, I knew that San Francisco was by no means out of it when they fell behind 17-0. Having watched the 49ers trounce the Packers the week before, I knew that San Fran was a team capable of sustaining drives, capitalizing on turnovers and punishing you on defense. From the point that LaMichael James scored to make it 17-7, I knew the Falcons didn't have much of a chance. The Falcons will be back and potent next year too, but this was simply the 49ers' year to make it to the Super Bowl.

AFC: The Patriots did what they always do in the first half, but from the final few plays of the 2nd quarter through the rest of the game, they just It was a play very un-Tom Brady-like when he went to spike the ball rather than using his last timeout. New England could have gone into the half up 17-7 instead of 13-7. The Patriots wouldn't score from there on out, a testament to the pressure that the Ravens put on Brady and the rhythm that New England couldn't seem to find. Joe Flacco looked darn good, and he's definitely earned every penny that he'll sign for in the off-season.

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