Friday, January 11, 2013

High school hoops teams to keep an eye on

It's well known that the Coulee Region is in a sort of a heyday when it comes to high school basketball right now. With a number of different players already committed to playing for Division 1 programs next year, it's easy to see why their teams are getting much of the local attention. However, the talent pool does not stop there. I'm a big fan of local hoops, and here are some of those other teams I think you should be keeping an eye on as we get twoards the second half of the season.

1) Central boys - Love the way they play defense. Long, athletic and can shoot threes. Might not be the most talented team in the MVC, but could be the hardest working. Would not be surprised to see them knock off Onalaska or Aquinas this season.
2) West Salem girls - Westby has gotten the notoriety in the Coulee Conference the past few years, but the Panthers locked the clamps down on the Norsemen last night, beating Westby for the first time in nearly three years.
3) Luther boys - Maybe the fastest-paced offense in the area. Almost run a hockey line change, which should pose a matchup nightmare with anyone they face in the postseason.
4) Caledonia girls - The same crew that led them to the state tournament in volleyball is back on the basketball court too. Bigger and faster than nearly everyone they play, and can light up the scoreboard too.

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