Monday, February 11, 2013

Big Ten Battles

If you missed Ben Brust's buzzer beater at the end of regulation this past Saturday, you missed out on something special. I was unfortunately in the car most of the day Saturday, but heard about it from friends via text and I knew I had to pull up the video as soon as possible. Incredible. Michigan was foolish not to foul Brust on the catch, so they deserve the luck to go that way. Damn, the Kohl Center is a tough place to play. And the Badgers are only a game out of first place. Incredibly impressive for how tough the Big Ten is. Every team is over .500 (and most well over) out of conference!

1. Indiana9-2.81821-3.875
    Michigan State9-2.81820-4.833
3. Michigan8-3.72721-3.875
5. Ohio State7-4.63617-6.739
6. Minnesota5-6.45517-7.708
8. Illinois4-7.36417-8.680
11. Nebraska3-8.27312-12.500
12. Penn State0-11.0008-15.348

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