Thursday, February 7, 2013

One more reason I hate the Bears

I've said before that Cubs fans are quite possibly my least favorite group of individuals on the planet. That's probably an overstatement (but not by much (and I know there are a few with some redeeming qualities(not many but some))), but that same sentiment applies to Cubs players, and by proxy, Bears players. Jay Cutler is a hell of a football player, when he wants to be. I generally don't care for his disposition on the sidelines or between games, mostly because he seems like a real dickhead. I think Chicago fans would even agree with me. But the story that came out earlier about how he proposed to Kristin Cavallari via text message, and then sent her the ring in the mail seemed bogus, even for Cutler. Good thing @KristinCav took to twitter to clear things up, complete with spelling mistakes and a shameless plug for crappy television. Bear Down, Future Mrs. Cutler. Bear Down.

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