Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Looking into the crystal ball


The confetti has barely stopped falling in the Superdome, yet the Las Vegas sportsbooks are already trying to capitalize on the betting tendencies of football fanatics. The casinos have released the odds of each NFL team winning Super Bowl XLVIII (I think that Roman numeral is right?) I think the Packers are about right at 10-to-1, whereas the Vikings got no love from their good season and are listed at 40-to-1. Here's a look at next season's odds, courtesy of the Las Vegas Sun.
Patriots — 6-to-1
49ers — 7-to-1
Broncos — 8-to-1
Packers — 10-to-1
Texans — 10-to-1
Seahawks — 12-to-1
Steelers — 14-to-1
Ravens — 14-to-1
Falcons -- 16-to-1
Saints — 16-to-1
Giants — 20-to-1
Redskins — 30-to-1
Bears — 30-to-1
Bengals — 30-to-1
Cowboys — 30-to-1
Chargers — 40-to-1
Lions — 40-to-1
Vikings — 40-to-1
Colts — 40-to-1
Panthers — 50-to-1
Jets — 50-to-1
Eagles — 50-to-1
Dolphins — 50-to-1
Rams — 50-to-1
Browns — 50-to-1
Chiefs — 50-to-1
Buccaneers — 60-to-1
Titans — 100-to-1
Bills — 100-to-1
Cardinals — 100-to-1
Raiders — 150-to-1
Jaguars —150-to-1

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