Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Baby names

As the year ends, some of the more interesting articles to read are the "top 10" lists of this, that and the other thing. One of those articles I found recently dealt with baby names, and how, according to The Telegraph, families in the UK are moving away from naming their children after royalty. There aren't as many babies with the names William, Harry, Kate or baby George, but families have taken to naming their children more after fictional characters.

Like, characters from Breaking Bad for example.

From The Telegraph:
Names from the American crime series Breaking Bad were picked by a growing number of parents. Skyler and Jesse have increased as choices by 70 percent and 13 percent respectively. From Homeland the name Brody was up by 40 percent. Carrie and Dana also increased by 200 and 66 percent respectively. Arya from the TV drama Game of Thrones was a new entry to the top 100.

I find this interesting, especially when these kids have to explain their name later in life. Not that "Jesse" is a complicated name, but to say you're named after a meth cook from a TV show that aired in 2013? That's odd to explain.

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