Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Justin Tucker

I knew going into last night's Monday Night Football game that I was going to be cheering loudly for the Baltimore Ravens. They're a relatively easy team to cheer for (unless you're Adrian Peterson, apparently) and they're from a city I've visited twice, including for the Packers vs. Ravens game this year. I had a very pleasant time at that game, and given the fact that, as a Green Bay fan, I was really hoping for a Baltimore win over the Detroit Lions so that the Packers might be able to control their own destiny when it comes to the playoffs this season. (I also don't really like the Lions in general, so I'd probably be cheering against them anyways.)
When I'm watching sporting events where at least one of the teams involved is not a favorite of mine (so the Packers, Brewers, Badgers basketball and Notre Dame football), I'm typically on twitter for the majority of the game. (I'll chime in during those other games, but typically my focus is on the TV, not my phone.) The Ravens were unable to score a touchdown at all last night, so the unlikely hero was kicker Justin Tucker, a name that not many Green Bay fans knew of before yesterday. I knew he was a second-year kicker out of Texas, but I'm weird like that. But watching him develop into a sort of folk hero as that game went along was kinda cool to see. It was cool to see Packers fans understand what this game meant and get behind this likable guy as the game went along. When Justin Tucker hit that 61-yarder at the end of the game, I let out a shout as loud as any play during a Packers game this season, and then Tucker's postgame interview saying "you're welcome" to fantasy football players was awesome.
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Kickers are weird, but I love them. Thank you Justin Tucker.

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