Friday, March 28, 2014

Cats are the worst

Cats are the worst. I shouldn't have to explain much more than that, but I will.

Apparently, Cats are now giving people tuberculosis.

Evidence of the first documented cases of tuberculosis spreading to humans from cats has been found in the U.K. after officials say two people developed the disease following contact with felines.
The two human cases were reported in the English counties of Berkshire and Hampshire, reports BBC News. Both people are seeking treatment, but Public Health England maintain that the risk of humans contracting TB from cats remains “very low.”


The outbreak was flagged at a veterinary practice, which then offered to screen people for the disease. 24 people out of 39 accepted the screening.

The Mycobacterium bovis infection, or M. bovis, also causes TB in cattle and other livestock animals. Breathing in or ingesting bacteria from through contamination of cuts while handling infected animals or carcasses is how humans contract the disease. The U.K. outbreak involved nine cats belonging to nine separate homes.

So there you go. Cats were trailing way behind dogs to begin with, but now knowing they can pass along TB. Just great.

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