Tuesday, March 25, 2014

No Fun League

The NFL is getting to be a little ridiculous. No dunking on goalposts now? That's BS.

Per CBSSports.com:

The NFL passed a pair of rule proposals at the 2014 NFL owners' meetings but they also managed to outlaw dunking on goal posts, apparently.

NFL VP of Officiating Dean Blandino told the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday that dunking on the goal post -- or using the goal post or crossbar as a prop -- will be illegal in 2014.

"That was grandfathered in. We put in a rule about five or six years ago about using the ball as a prop," Blandino said. "We grandfathered in the Lambeau Leap and some things like that. But dunking will come out. Using the ball as a prop -- or using any object as a prop, like the goal post or cross bar -- that will come out and that will be a foul next season."

I hope that players continue to do it, mocking the NFL each and every time. If they take away the Lambeau Leap, so help me god...

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