Friday, March 7, 2014

Grilled Cheese Incident

It's Friday and it is Lent now, so I'm sure there's plenty of people who are going to be hitting up fish fries tonight or reverting to the old staple - grilled cheese and tomato soup. Grilled cheese, one of my favorites, but not all cheese sandwiches are created equal. A two year old girl in Ontario was suspended from her day care for three days after her parents sent her with a lunch that contained a cheese sandwich, which violated the day care's rules against outside food, which was in place because of food allergies. Three days for a flippin' cheese sandwich? Yeah, I understand allergies and everything, but what good does suspending a two-year old do? Teach the parents a lesson? You mean the same parents that are likely going to be looking for a new preschool, right?

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