Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Crazy Drivers

After calling off a late-night trip home from St. Paul on Sunday night, my friends and I attempted to drive home from the Cities yesterday and it was slooooooow going. The drive down Highway 52 and I-90 between Rochester and Winona are just so wide open that the snow can blow across the highway unabated. The roads were covered but traverseable, if every one went at a slower pace. That didn't stop some crazed semi drivers from zooming past everyone else and terrifying the rest of us on the highway. I saw trucks come within about 18 inches of the cars in the other lane, and they seemed barely fazed at all. And it wasn't just one driver! It was truck after truck not giving a flying bleep about the other cars. I don't know if they're just that confident in their driving abilities, or if they just think the roads aren't that bad, but seriously. I've slid into a ditch before because of an overly-ambitious drivers. I know they get paid by the mile or time or whatever but seriously. Slow down.

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