Thursday, March 14, 2013

NFL Free Agency

This week contains some of the craziest days of NFL Free Agency, and it's always interesting to see which players are legitimately trying to win a ring and which players are following the money. The player I really really wanted the Packers to sign, former Ravens DE Paul Kruger, ended up signing with the Cleveland Browns for $40 million dollars. Speedster wideout Mike Wallace went from perennial contender Pittsburgh to the Miami Dolphins, who aren't that great. Wes Welker got the best of both worlds, not only getting the money but a chance to play with Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos. It's unclear what Steven Jackson and Greg Jennings are going to do quite yet, but my gut is telling me that Jackson is going to go for the ring and Jennings is going to follow the money. I think the Packers are ultimately going to get the former Rams running back for an affordable price, where I think that GJ85 is eventually going to get his money somewhere other than Green Bay. I hope the Packers can get both for the right price, but I'm very skeptical.

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