Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Why ruin it for the kids?

I played high school basketball, but like 99.99 percent of all other high school athletes, I only played the four years I actually attended my high school. Well, that .01 percent is made up of people like McKinzie Sewell, a 22-year old man from Tennessee. He never graduated from high school but had earned a GED, and thought it'd be a good idea to try to play for a local high school team. He created a fake transcript and actually took the court for Ridgeway High, immediately creating a situation which rendered the rest of the team ineligible
Why would you do that to a group of kids? The team was successful, in the regional final round of the state tournament, before Sewell's scam was unearthed. Sure, everyone wants to be able to go back to high school and relive their glory days, but no one actually tries to do it! Shame on this guy for ruining the seasons of those kids. Shame on the administration for not catching it. Granted they probably wouldn't expect someone would try to do this, but there still needs to be someone held culpable for letting this happen?

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