Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Day?

I went to school for 18 years and I can say fairly confidently that I had fewer snow days in my educational career than the La Crosse area has had this year. I had no trouble getting to work this morning. Got up a few minutes early to shovel, took my time on the roads, and pulled into work without incident. 

I feel like an old curmudgeon saying this, and I obviously don't know all the factors that are necessary for a regular school day to operate as planned, but what's with all the snow days?

If the focus of the snow plows was to make sure the commutes for the school buses was safe before that of the 9-5 workers, couldn't we get by with less snow days?

I sound bitter, don't I?

Although the one snow day I had as a student at UW-L was spectacular. Piling up snow banks and jumping of balconies, building giant snow forts, which, by the way, have built in drink coolers.

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