Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Leaving Games Early

Call me a weird sports fan, but when I buy a ticket to event, I like to be in my seat by the start of the game and I leave after the final whistle/buzzer/out. I paid for the tickets (well, at least most of the time), and I want to see all of the action. Now there have been a few Brewers games in my life where I may have not made it in to the game in time for the first pitch due to extenuating circumstances (aka tailgating), but I sure as hell am not going to leave early. Strange things happen on a routine basis in sports, so I'm not going to skip even the remote chance that I might miss something like that.

That is why I feel absolutely no sympathy for the Miami Heat fans that started leaving the arena last night when the Heat were ONLY DOWN BY FIVE POINTS. That's a two possession game people. That can be made up in a matter of seconds. The fact that there was a near riot outside the arena of fans trying to get back in is hilarious to me. It's bandwagon fans of a team that people really only started caring about two years ago. There are signs plastered everywhere saying NO RE-ENTRY, and what do you think that means? You cross the threshold to leave the arena, and you ain't getting back in without a ticket.

That's a great picture from sportswriter Bomani Jones. The Heat should take down the names of all the fans that left and not let them into the arena ever again. Except for the guy in the Ray Allen Bucks jersey. He's legit.

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