Monday, June 24, 2013


I got home from my busy day yesterday just in time to flip on the Discovery Channel, where daredevil/idiot Nik Wallenda was attempting to traverse the Grand Canyon on a tightrope. Apparently, he had no safety equipment whatsoever and he was doing this on live television. (Good thing he had Joel Osteen waiting for him.) He had what appeared to be the most uncomfortable pair of shoes on as he traversed the 2-inch steel wire for 1,400 feet while he was 150 stories up in the air. Talk about some serious huevos. It took him just shy of 23 minutes to cross the FREAKING GRAND CANYON, but did so successfully. He held his gigantic pole while traversing, which apparently helps you stay balanced? Doesn't make sense to me but then again I can't run around the top level of the YMCA with out getting a pit in my stomach so I won't question the science. I can get behind the fact that he was thanking Jesus and everything, but the one part I don't get is...Why was he wearing jeans? Is that really the most comfortable pair of pants he had? There's a reason people don't work out in jeans. Maybe we should just start calling him the Denim Daredevil.

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