Thursday, October 17, 2013

Good bet, Grandpa!

If my grandfather had made a bet similar to this, it would have been money down the drain.

But for 62-year old Peter Edwards of Wales, it's a bet that's going to allow him to retire.
Harry Wilson and Craig Bellamy
Photo from BBC

Edwards bet 50 pounds (about $80) that his 18-month old grandson would grow up to play for the Welsh national football (soccer) team. 14.5 years later, that bet paid off, as 16-year old Harry Wilson made his debut for the Welsh team last night.

When he placed the bed, he got 2,500 to 1 odds that his grandson would ever play for the Welsh national team.

The bet paid off, netting Edwards 125,000 pounds, or just over $200,000.

Pretty good foresight on Grandpa's part.

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